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I just read an article from CNN titled “Trump needs this pivotal county and its rural voters to win Pennsylvania.” The article is about the impact of Westmoreland County voters on the outcome of the election. Overall, I found it pretty neat that our local county was featured on CNN, a national media outlet. Also, it is not an article from a local outlet or the Associated Press, CNN reporters actually interviewed in Westmoreland County. I am surprised that our county has such a large impact on the outcome of the election, but this article definitely proves that to be true. The juxtaposition of how each campaign is tackling different aspects of it was interesting as well.

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Hi Brian,
Refreshing to hear your positive perspective on this article! When I read the article, before reading your post, I missed the fact that CNN impressively interviewed, and filmed, local voices from the county, even as a news organization focused on national and international news. A solid example of how verification benefits the story!

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