Details Drive the News

I just read a blog post called “Details Drive the News: Let the Quotes Do the Heavy Lifting in Your News Stories.” This was a short yet informative post about journalistic writing style, which was very helpful for me as I had never written in it prior to taking this class. As a matter of fat, I just realized that since the post is short yet informative, it embodies journalistic style. As an English major, I am used to writing with more complicated language, so this is still an adjustment that I am getting used to. I also need to pay more attention to the length of my paragraphs, as they were a little too long in my first draft of article two. Overall, this post was the reminder that I needed about journalistic style.

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Hi Brian!

You did a good job of connecting the style of Dr. Jerz’s blog post to the lesson to the work- and, attempting that style successfully in your own post! I relate as an English major to articulating myself in different ways, but I agree, journalistic style has been a challenge. You seem to be doing well with it, though!

Great job on relating the style of Dr. Jerz’s blog post to one of the biggest things he has been trying to teach us. I did not realize it when I read it, but now that said it, it makes perfect sense!

I too feel like I have been struggling with this new type of writing, but I think it is safe to say that we have all improved!

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