Portfolio 4

In this last portfolio there was many blogs, but I learned a lot from this section. I have been able to apply what I have learned so far in the class to these end blogs. From the depth of the Pearls Before Breakfast article to the struggles of the Math in Journalism section, I have learned a lot.



A “Fake News” Story That Wasn’t is one of the articles I believe had the most depth. I talked not only about the importance of the reporters in the article but what it is like to be this reporter. I believe that these reporters used interesting techniques to get information from these sources. Without these reporters taking these actions a story might be leading to fake news. This article I believe is very important for student journalist because we can apply this to real like connections.


Another story that I believe had great depth in my blog was that of the Pearls Before Breakfast. This article was very interesting to read and to study. Like I said in my blog, without taking this class I do not believe that this would have not made an impact on my writing career. I would have skimmed it over, just like the people in the train station. I really enjoyed reading this article because it combined everything in the article was was necessary for journalism. From the quotes to the story flow I really enjoyed reading this article.



I believe that when talking about riskiness one of the biggest risks is that of Newsroom Math. I really liked how this assignment was set up. It was more of a lesion rather than an article or a typical blog post. It took me back to when I was in grade school learning about simple math. I believe that this could be an example of how I took a risk in my blog post because I believe I interpreted the information different than other students in the class. I think that this is very important for student’s journalist to learn to ensure that they don’t have numbers skew a story.


Going off of the previous news article, Sorry, Wrong Number blog post follows in the same direction. I believe that this blog post also had some risk in it. One of my favorite points in this blog post is that of “A journalist mishears a correct number given to them by a source and fails to double-check it. A source unwittingly provides a mistaken piece of information and the journalist fails to verify it. A source deliberately fudges the numbers and the journalist fails to verify them. A journalist or editor miscalculates a figure. Or a journalist re-reports a mistake made by another media outlet”. These rules and tips can be very helpful to new journalist, like myself.



I am still struggling to get discussion on my blog post. I actually received some comments from other sources but a lot of them were spam. Someone reached out to my blog and it was even in a different language. I was hoping to see more traction on the site because last posting went so well. But I understand that these post were not the strongest and other students in the class had work to do as well.



I believe that all of these blog post can be traced back to things that we talked about in class. Articles like, Sorry, Wrong Number, Newsroom Math and even A “Fake News” Story That Wasn’t all related back to different things talked about in class.



I did fall a little behind in these blog posting, but I still feel like they were strong posts. I was not trying to turn in “Not quality” work on time.



I have learned a lot about blog postings through this class. Personally I had never used a blog yet until having this experience. In the beginning I believe that I felt like I was behind all of the other students because I had never used this sight or even posted in a blog at all. In the beginning it was very interesting to learn about the proper use of a blog and even to comment on others blogs. I still feel like there is much to learned but in this last set of posting I believe that I have a handle on how blogs and blogging works. I think that this blog can really help me in the future because if I even wanted to look something up without having my notes on me I could do it easily from here.

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