Day 1: Roma

Well we started off our amazing adventure with our 7 hour plane ride from Pittsburgh to Paris, then Paris to Rome.
Then I was able to watch The Hobbit on a mini television and then we flew over Ireland.


As soon as we got to Rome, I quickly understood that Rome is a very busy city.
We walked first to look at the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine . I learned that the arch is the last great Italian arch made and it has pieces that reflect past kings to show his success.
DSCF0176 DSCF0177
I also learned that the Colosseum was built above a swamp and it had to be drained. It took about 10 years to build under two different rulers. It not only held gladiator fights, but also ship battles when they filled it up
Then we went to two churches as well, each with elaborate ceilings and beautiful artwork.
The Church of San Pietro(St. Peter) consisted of Michelangelo’s Moses and the so called chains that were taken off of Saint Peter

 Moses had horns instead of a halo because the word “Halo” was often mistaken/or interrupted as “horn”

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