Day 3: Roma

First thing in the morning, we visited the inside of the great Saint Peter’s Church.
I personally was very disappointed with St. Peter’s because I thought I was going to feel something there that I didn’t really get. Maybe because how touristy it was or how many things were closed off. To me, I felt that the church wasn’t as much of a church as it was a tourist attraction, which I felt at most churches, but I really enjoyed how extravagant it was.
My favorite part of St. Peter’s was the statue of Mary holding Jesus. I felt like the story was beautiful and I really enjoyed that Michelangelo created her to look younger because she kept her purity. This story really intrigued me.
I love looking at old ruins, so while walking around the city, I kept seeing all of these beautiful ruins among the hustle and bustle of Rome.
I also loved the catacombs of the Church of Basilica San Clemente. There was such history in there and although I couldn’t take any pictures, I feel like that experience will last forever. I loved the 4th century church still laid hidden under the 12th century church. Although it smelt pretty strange, I liked how there were layers and layers and layer.  I also like how one of the tombs had both Pagan and Christian writing on it, just in case, so they were prepared for their afterlife.

I got a picture out front of the Church of Basilica San Clemente, looking down on the Colosseum again.

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