Day 10: Venezia

On our last day in Italy, we went to the Peggy Guggenheim exhibit. She was a patron of the arts. Peggy Guggenheim’s parents died in the Titanic. Her daughter added to her exhibit and starred in an art show at the age of 12.  She later committed suicide of a drug overdose in the 1960s. Peggy was buried at her house with her “beloved babies” (dogs) in 1979. Her house was made into the exhibit and housed many pieces of Modern Art. This was great to see in comparison to all the classical art we had been seeing up to this point.

Later we went shopping and I bought a leather Venetian mask and a metal Venetian mask. I loved walking around the shops in Venice just to see all the different types of masks and jewelry made with Murano glass.

We later went to dinner at the fanciest restaurant I had ever been to.

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