Day 5: Firenze

We went to the Uffizi Gallery Museum where no pictures were allowed. There we saw a lot of Botticelli’s art work including The Birth of Venus and La Primavera. The museum consisted of countless Madonna with child paintings all portrayed differently but had the same message behind them. I think my personal favorite was La Primavera by Botticelli.


After that we went to the Monastery, The Convent of San Marco. Inside were elaborate paintings on the wall, most of which were the Crucifix of Christ and his followers. We also saw what type of paint they use to paint the wall and saw old song books.

DSCF0488 DSCF0492

Lastly that night we went to a Wine Tasting with Pino. I learned more about wine then I ever could imagine. We learned that white wine should always be transparent and it contains flowers and white fruits. I learned that red wine contains spices and fruit and shouldn’t be transparent.

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