Day 8: Venezia

After taking another train to Venice, we went to our hotel: the Hotel Villa Rosa. The best part of this hotel was that there was a hotel dog ready to greet all of us.

IMG_20130528_135902_439 IMG_20130528_144210_961

We walked around Venice and went to Piazza San Marco. There were no motorized vehicles and all you could hear was the sound of other people and, of course, pigeons. Napoleon considered it “the drawing room of Europe.” It is surrounded by churches, museums, restaurants, and the library the was in Indian Jones. Also, there was the bridge of Sighs which was the last view for the convicts before they were imprisoned. My favorite part of the Piazza was the zodiac clock.

IMG_20130528_144327_965 IMG_20130528_145034_593

After seeing the Piazza, we were free to shop until dinner. This was a pretty easy day.

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