Day 9: Venezia

First thing in the morning, we took a boat out to Murano and we saw all the little shops which had Murano glass and then saw them actually blowing glass.

Then we went to Lido, which is a beach island near Venice and had lunch there. I really liked this Island, more than Siena even. It was quiet and I wish we could’ve spent more time there.

After that, we went to the Manet exhibit. We saw all of Manet work. There we also saw Venus of Urbino, which was supposed to be in the Uffizi Gallery. They used the Venus of Urbino in comparison to Manet’s Olympia. Venus of Urbino was based on the god while Olympia is clearly human, a prostitute to be exact. In each painting, the woman has a companion: Venus had a dog, a sign of loyalty, and Olympia  had a black cat, which identified her as a prostitute. The servants in the Venus are getting her clothes ready for the day, showing us that she does not stay nude all day, but the Olympia servant brings her flowers, maybe from a client, instead of clothes, showing us that she might spend her day nude.

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