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Even though I have always been a fan of theatre, I have never had a chance to study so many different plays so closely as I have been doing within this class. The truth is I that I feel like I am warming up before I get used not only to the rhythm of this class, but to how different it is to read and analyze plays compared to novels and poetry; I have already learned a lot and I know that there is a lot for me to learn. Hopefully, this portfolio will showcase my eagerness to learn, as well as how much I have been inspired by our readings so far.


I believe that when we talk about something we already know, it is easier for us to talk about it in comparison to something that is unknown to us. Therefore, the two posts which I believe that I have shown a greater depth can be found within Foster (Intro+Chapter 1) and The Importance of Being Earnest (Act 2). This is my second time around reading both Foster’s book and Oscar Wilde’s play and I have realized that the second time around is often better than the first one when it comes to them. It was very nice to revisit this work and I believe that I was capable of showcasing that within these posts.


Something that I have realizing after the close reading exercise we had is that drama is a lot more complicated and challenging to interpret than a novel or a poem. While I was reading the plays which were unknown to me, such as “The Proposal” and R.U.R., I often found myself worrying that I was not grasping their full idea and that was a little lost. Therefore, I believe that the posts which demonstrated a lot of riskiness were The Proposal (Chekhov) and RUR (Act 1,2) my posts in relation to these plays were riskier ones I have made so far this semester. These plays were not only translations, but also so different from everything that I have ever read so far and it was very intriguing to be able to share my thoughts on them.


As a great fan of pop culture, it is very hard for me to not try to associate everything around me to something I have read somewhere or watched recently. Therefore, even though I feel that I have been doing a positively good job with associating the contents of this class with things outside from it; the posts which I believe that better exemplify this are RUR (Act1,2) as I compare the play with famous books and RUR (Act 3, Epilogue) as I talk about Star Wars and Star Trek. Moreover, I believe that Foster (Ch 5-7) can also count as intertextuality. I hope that I can keep on doing associations like these and to keep on challenging myself to think beyond the obvious.


Even though I am extremely shy and oftentimes find it hard to be able to speak in front of the class, I am the kind of person who feels comfortable about sharing her ideas within a small group of friends. I think that the play which caused a lot of turmoil was “The Proposal” and not only I discussed it in class with my classmates, but also I brought up my own thoughts and observations about this play outside class. I think that it is always beneficial to be able to talk to others about literature, because, this way you can always perceive thing within a different way. For this reason, the post which I believe that best fits this category is The Proposal in Class Activity.


This semester has been the most challenging to me so far as not only it comes after the first Winter Break which I was unable to go home to Brazil, but also during a very difficult time in my life where I am dealing with several different personal issues. I have been trying my best to be able to keep up, but not always it has been possible Still, I believe that once I get use to the rhythm of this semester and resolve my personal issues, things are going to get better. Therefore, the posts which I must admit that I honestly only posted because I had to and that I was unable to give a lot of thought into, but still tried my best in order to do were Catholic Social Teaching and Context For Rossum’s Universal Robots. 


Even though it may have taken me some time to post and/or update my blog, I am proud of saying that I was still able of doing so before this portfolio’s due date. Something that I can guarantee about myself is that I always try my best and this is not something that is going to change within this semester, and, if it does, it will only be so I can continue to keep on track while also giving my best within every single one of the posts I make.

Welcome to the Course Reading Blog

Trifles (Susan Glaspell) 

The Importance of Being Earnest (Act 1)

The Importance of Being Earnest (Act 3)

Foster (2-3)

Foster (8-10)


I hope that this portfolio not only showcases my accomplishments within this class, but also that it can serve to be as an example of how I can improve and reminder of how far I have gone. I have been challenged in different ways by all the plays that we have read so far and I cannot wait to keep on learning and evolving as this semester goes by.

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