RUR (ACT 3, Epilogue)

My favorite quote within this play is, “No, it is we who are to blame. You, Domin, myself, all of us. For our own selfish ends, for profit, for progress, we have destroyed mankind. Now we’ll burst with all our greatness.” Even though nowadays it can be considered to be a cliché, I can only imagine the impact that such words had on the readers back when this play was published/performed. While reading this play, I had it playing in my mind like a movie; I could imagine the special effects, the CGI, and actors walking around on green sets. It is, however, very hard for me to picture this as a play rather than something that you can see in the movies. I truly believe that this play was very groundbreaking for its time and I would love to see it performed live. I believe that for its time, it would be compared to us watching Star Wars or Star Trek.

Source: RUR (Act 3, Epilogue)

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