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May 25, 2013

Florence day 1

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Florence Street San Marie Del Fiore


We took the train from Rome to Florence early in the morning, but despite the time the train station was packed with people. The ride was short, but we got to see the pretty Italian countryside.
Florence is much calmer than Rome, which is a nice change. We took a walking tour and I was pleasantly suprised with how walkable the city is.
The churches in Florence are magnificent. i like how they all have some green stone as a trademark of florence in them so they contrast and coordinate at the same time. My new favorite style of architecture that ties with baroque is gothic, the gothic cathedral in Florence has the most beautiful faccade I have ever seen. Its so detailed and polished that I was shocked to see how minimalistic and spacious the interior was.

We walked past Brunallescis Dome as well, I cant wait for the weather to clear up so we can go to the top! Pictures really dont do his dome justice, it is the largest dome I have ever seen in my life. The enormity of it is hard to decribe in words, it didnt seem real to me!

Todays food was the best sandwich I’ve had in Italy, at Pinos restaurant. Hes a really nice guy with an adorable family. The bread was so perfect md fresh, I would have loved it even without the delicious turkey meat and eggplant. Overall it was excellent.

Looking foreward to scaling the dome!

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