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June 10, 2013

Venice Day 1

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A view of the canals

Note how it opens on to the water!

Note how it opens on to the water!

I just can't get enough of these views

I just can’t get enough of these views

View from the Bridge of Sighs

View from the Bridge of Sighs

Reminds me of the Great Gatsby

Reminds me of the Great Gatsby

Today we arrived in Venice. The minute we walked out of the termini, we were greeted with white cobblestone and blue canals, a sight that I’ll never forget. The air there smelled cleaner, not surprising for a city that exists largely without motorized vehicles. Our hotel was only a short trek from the termini, and the little mop-like hotel dog walked out to greet us, needless to say I have a soft spot for puppies.

After unpacking and a quick lunch, we took off for Piazza San Marco. I have truly never felt more at home anywhere in Italy. A combination of the smell of the ocean, Mediterranean blues and shiny white marble palaces shot San Marco to the top of my favorite destinations list. We walked across the bridge of sighs, named after its location between the prison and civil courts of the Renaissance. Gondoliers paddled right under us as we looked off the bridge, a bustling port before our eyes.

Further exploration led me to the conclusion that Venetians must really love dogs as much as I do, everywhere I looked I saw dogs, on and off leashes, with their person. Most were small, though I did spot an adorable English bulldog, complete with a Louis Vuitton collar. On that note, I also noticed that Venice is a much more expensive city to live in than Florence was. Little things like bottled water was even noticeably more expensive.

The small streets that we navigated back to our hotel felt like a maze. I loved it, the small streets were lined with everything from smoothie shops to high fashion boutiques. Although we got slightly lost, we made it back to our hotel. I loved the little bridges we would pass, a lot of them overlooked canals with old world homes, one had a door that if opened would lead right into the water!

For dinner that night, I couldn’t wait to try the fresh Venetian sea food. Livia and I split the seafood risotto, and it was every bit as good as it sounds. The risotto was perfectly cooked and balanced out the complex flavors of muscles, octopus, and crab. We discovered that a splash of balsamic made it even better.

I’m looking forward to the next few days, and could really get used to living here!

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