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June 10, 2013

Venice Day 3

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On our way to see Manet!

On our way to see Manet!

Love this shot

Love this shot

Today was very exciting, most of the day was spent at the Peggy Guggenheim museum in the heart of Venice’s hippest neighborhood. I love Contemporary Art, so the opportunity to see this famous collection felt like Christmas.

While we waited to enter the museum, Maureen told us a little bit about Peggy’s life story. She inherited a large sum of money after her parents died in the Titanic, which fueled her support of modern artists. Personally, she was independent at a time when women normally weren’t. Because of this she was ostracized as being promiscuous. She opened her fist gallery in New York City and collected works by modern artists like Pollock and Warhol. Luckily for us, they were all displayed in the Guggenheim in Venice.

Seeing the art of so many famous Modern and Contemporary artists that I had just spent a semester studying was a thrilling experience. I loved Warhol’s daisies, of course, as well as Picasso’s work and Pollock’s early paintings but I really appreciated the genius behind Donald Judd’s Fibonacci based sculpture, where he worked with metal in accordance with the famous mathematical sequence which is also found in nature.

After the Guggenheim we ate excellent pasta with seafood. Maureen and I shared pasta with shrimp. The shrimp were huge! They were left in shell, with claws and antenna still on! The meat had a completely different taste when prepared like this, and I much prefer it to the peeled shrimp. It was a challenge to eat, but well worth it!

After lunch, Livia and I stopped by an Italian bakery to try some things we saw in the window. We both stayed in the French pastry family, coincidently, with chocolate macaroon and a vanilla meringue. The meringue was huge, but delicious. It looked like a mountain of whipped cream, and tasted like one.

The trip was such a wonderful experience, from the bustling streets of Rome to the serene back roads of Siena, I couldn’t ask for a better introduction to Italy. And now, my train ticket back to Rome is purchased and I prepare to embark on my first solo international excursion. With the skills I have gained traveling on this leg of the trip, getting to Rome via train will be a breeze.


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