Sorry, Wrong Number

I have to say I was king of surprised how serious this article was on the subject of math. This article made it extremely clear that journalists that aren’t good at math isn’t good for journalism. One of the most important things that the article said was that it is essential for journalists to know math because of the fact that newspapers and magazines chart new courses for themselves and math helps this along.

I have to say that I did like the five reasons that numbers get misunderstood made perfect sense to me because they were very realistic. One of the rules was that journalists sometimes hear the right number, but fails to double check it and apply it properly. This rules were realistic and very human and that’s probably why it was so effective.

I have to say that the article was somewhat funny because it said that number errors can be quite complicated, but it can be embarrassingly hilarious. Then it presented those stories in which mistakes can happen in journalism and others will perceive it as funny.

Another thing this article did that I wasn’t expecting is using links to other sources, I thought that having extra sources made this article feel effective and work was put into it. I will admit that I was surprised that the links showed up near the end point and I felt that they should have appeared earlier.

Overall, I felt that this article was effective and gets its point across decently.

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