Portfolio 4

Portfolio 4 of Newswriting

Cover Post and Brief Assessment: This is the final portfolio post of the year! It has been an honor and a privilege to be in this class to learn more about journalism then I ever knew before. I’ve learned a great deal about how reporters have a sense of honor, honesty, responsibility, and code to their profession. I’m also happy to know that fake news and journalism are two completely different things. Like the previous portfolios I have done a good job at giving depth, getting things done on time, talking to my classmates to see their perspective on other assignments, and taking risks. Although, I still feel that intertextuality is the weakest link, but this time I feel I did a bit more for it. Unfortunately, this portfolio won’t be the longest I’ve done, but the quality in the posts I’ve done have great content.

Depth: I have done a good job at keeping up with good quality in my posts. I always try to put as much effort in my posts as possible to show that I not only have done the assignments, but try to put forth an interesting perspective. I think that the posts that have the most depth are the posts about wrong numbers, the post about fake news being caught, the cub reporter slideshow, and finally the post about the violin player.

The Sorry Wrong Number post had a lot of great content about how journalists have to deal with numbers and if they aren’t good with numbers then maybe journalism isn’t right for them. What I enjoyed most about the article was the five rules that were presented because they made sense to me and I liked how the article had humor in it because it made the math portion tolerable.

The post about Fake News Being Caught was an interesting subject to talk about because of the complex issues covered in it like sexual assault, honesty, and correcting a mistake. At first I thought that this was a typical sexual assault article, because those are happening a lot these days, but what made it interesting was that the Washington Post thought the woman was telling the truth and they posted an article about what she said. Then after while the reporters got suspicious and did more digging and found out she was lying and they had to apologize to the public for their error. It takes guts to admit a mistake and these guys did a great job at how they handled this situation.

The Newsroom Math post has a lot of honesty put into it because I admitted that I didn’t like the math portions of this slideshow because I got bored. However, I did admit that it was interesting to learn about the various methods that are commonly used in math and some of the material is stuff that I was familiar with.

The Violin Player post was probably the best depth post I think I did because I had a lot to say about this subject. I thought that the author of this article did a great job at having charm, talent, and humor put into his work. I also thought that the links, videos, and research put into this article was very well done and well put together. I also liked the subject because I do know that some musicians struggle at getting jobs and they have to work in the streets or small buildings to get some change. I thought that the violin player was very good at what he was doing and I liked how people ignored him at first and then started to realize his talent.

Riskiness: I have to admit that I had a lot more risk put into these posts because I was more honest that I didn’t like the subjects dealing with math in posts like our first math post, the wrong number post, the newsroom math post, and the math vs aliens post.

In the Math post I was very blunt on the fact that I was really bummed that we were learning about math of all things in an English course. I was also honest on the fact that I already knew stuff that the article covered like the fact that math has a correct answer. I did find that interesting that the article mentioned that math is either fact or folly. I also said that I liked the narrators voice in the videos, but when he was doing math problems I got so bored. I was blunt on my opinions of math.

The Sorry, Wrong Number post I feel is a risky post because of the fact that I was surprised how serious the article was about math. I was also honest on the fact that I liked the five number rules and that the fact they get misunderstood made sense to me of the realism put into them. I was also blunt on the fact that I felt that having links in the article made if feel more professional. Giving praise can be a risky business, but giving it to those who deserve it feels good.

The Newsroom Math post I was blunt with my opinions that was covered in this article like the fact that I liked the cub reporter pictures because they were hilarious. I also admitted that I liked learning about mode, median, and averages because I was able to apply these methods pretty good in high school. Although, I did say that I hated percentages because I’m not too familiar with the method. I’m an honest person and admitting that I didn’t know much a method was risky for me.

The Math Vs Aliens post was probably one of the riskiest blog posts I’ve ever done because of how I was creating an original story that had math, of all things, in it. I also tried to apply percentages to this post and I’m worried that I didn’t do the math right, but I looked at how to do the math and I’m sure I did it right. I also have to wait to see what my classmates think of it.

Discussion: In terms of talking to other people I talked to Patrick about how math can be a real pain to a lot of people, talking about well written articles. I also talked to Megan about how math isn’t flawed, people are,  we also talked about how percentages can be tricky. Finally, Christian and I talked about how the violin player was journalism at its finest.

On Patricks blog post about math I left a comment responding to how we both hate math and how we were both surprised at how journalism had math as a core part of the profession. We were both surprised at how math has a place in the core part of journalism. Patrick also mentioned that percentages are methods he can do and I told him that was good, because I’m not that good at percentages.

On his second post on the violin player. Patrick and I both agreed that this post was very well written and that the author did a good job having charm, talent, and humor in this article. I also said that the author had a lot of detailed research that was great. I also noticed that Megan was in the comment section and she said that she has read this article before and it was great that others thought of it as a fascinating read.

I also commented on Megan’s blogs about math and percentages. What I liked in her posts is that she said that math is not supposed to be flawed and that finding mistakes in math happens a lot and I said that I was taught that people are flawed math isn’t. What my teachers were trying to tell me was that math is supposed to give a correct answer, but people don’t.

In her percentage post. She said that she is pretty good with mode, median, and averages, but she has problems with percentages. I found what she said relatable because I struggle with percentages too and I told her that she wasn’t alone.

I also responded to Christian about the violin player on his blog. He said that he felt that this article was journalism at its finest because he thought that author did a great job at having detailed research, having an engaging story, and having humor. I told him that he was right the author did a great job at what he accomplished for this article the charm, talent, humor, and research was very well don.


Intertextuality: When it comes to Intertextuality there were two posts that dealt with this. The violin player post and the math vs aliens were the best ones that showed intertextuality because they helped with other assignments.

The Violin Player post had intertextuality because it reminded me of the art galleries that I was covering this semester and how the musician was trying every technique he could to get customers. In the art galleries that I covered Dr. Brode admitted that she was proud of them, but she wished that more customers had come to the galleries.

The Math Vs Aliens post had intertextuality in it because I had to use math a lot more in this unit for journalism and this post helped me try to use percentages more. I also had to use this post in a discussion assignment so that allows for more usage of math and interaction with other people.

Timeliness: I have to say that in terms of timeliness all of the posts that I had were one day before the deadline like the math post, the violin player, the newsroom post ,the sorry wrong number post, and the fake news post. I’ve said this in every post before that I take deadlines very seriously because I don’t like being late because I’m a sticker for time. The reason that I kept turning posts in a day before is because I’ve had a lot do these last few weeks because of senior projects, finals, and a paper for Dr. Peelers so I’ve had my plate full. However, even though I’ve been turning things in a day before deadline at least I’ve NEVER been tardy.

Coverage: I have to say that the posts I’ve completed just for the sake of doing so were the first math post, the wrong number post, and the newsroom post. There is one reason that these posts feel like they were completed just for the sake of doing so and that reason is because of math. I haven’t been shy on the fact that math is one of my least favorite subjects and that I didn’t like doing math stuff, but the stuff we’ve been doing is tolerable. So completing these posts as soon as possible was my pleasure.

Conclusion: I have to say that I’m really sorry that this semester is close to being over because I’ve learned a whole lot like the rules of journalism, the code of reporters, how fake news is a real problem, and even math in journalism. I think that I’ve done a great job at adding depth to my assignments, taking risks with my opinions, talking to other people, getting things done on time, and even relating the material in newswriting to other classes. I still feel like intertextuality is the weak link, but it feels improved then in the last posts. It has been an honor and a privilege to be in this class!

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