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Portfolio 4

by on Dec.03, 2017, under Uncategorized

MY FINAL BLOG POST OF MY COLLEGIATE CAREER!!!! Let that sink if really quick, before we get things going lol 🙂

The final fourth quarter is almost complete with two minutes left on the clock! So I decided to make my final portfolio 4 like a two-minute warning drill that is done in football. Basically, the two-minte drill is a fast paced attempt for the offense to score before the time is up! Usually during this time, offenses draw up quick and easy plays that move them up the field as quickly as possible. I will be doing the same here going through with each section short and concise in my final blog portfolio ever!

Depth (1:59 remaining)
Portfolio 4 was the shortest series of blogs for the month because I only had to complete 4 since I did not attempt the Math Blogs due to the fact that they stemmed off the lessons from class that I did not have to go to. With that said, my most in depth blog was placing my Take a leaf of Faith article from my package 3 to show my basic understanding of wordpress layout. The rest of the blogs for the most part simply were average length. In addition, my “Math for Journalists” blog was my longest for the curriculum that included three bullet points on the correct wording for the mathematical phrases used in the article.

Playing It Safe (1:35 remaining)
This months blogs did not portray many risks that need to be documented. Each blog entry was straightforward, not branching off to any drastic personal opinions. For instance in Pearls Before Breakfast and A Fake “News Story” that Wasn’t one will notice the basic requirements that were completed in a paragraph length.

Discussion (1:01 remaining)
I think my discussion was better in my last month of using this blog because of the amount of comments I received – (4 in total). Three comments were left on my Pearls Before Breakfast blog about how important Math is in journalistic writing and the significance in its ability to strengthen the article while providing a different element. I also left numerous comments throughout the classes blogs, including Chris K, and Megan’s. I basically gave back this month to those who commented on my own blogs.

Intertextuality (0:47 remaining)
YES! There was a quote that was stated in class when Dr. Jerz brought in guest speaker Olivia Goudy (who also is an Alum of Seton Hill and former editor-in-chief). During her time talking to the class, I learned so much about her job with the Herald and also the difficulties that come with this field. What I truly absorbed and even had the chance to discuss during my English Capstone was her comment about demographics in journalism playing a key role in print vs. digital media, as well as expanding on your skills. She stated how depending on where you work, the newsroom could be more pertained to print in a local small town rather to a big city that could depend more on digital media. However, understanding both is key because sometimes publications come in and make cuts, which hurts the team, and also your role now becomes larger advancing from one or two articles a day to three or four.

Timeliness (0:29 remaining)
Each blog this month was on time! I even was able to finally be the first one to submit two of the blogs before anyone else in the class. This was a satisfying experience that brought competitive spirit and also initiative.

Coverage (0:18 remaining)
I feel that each category here all interconnects in some way shape or form. In order to have a good balance each needs to be given the same amount of effort as the other. I think I need to work on my depth for sure going forward. Balancing out other major assignments this month with graduation so near to approaching became a factor though. But, I really think that I still managed to cover the main facts I needed to.

Conclusion (0:09 remaining)
It has been an honor to blog for you all this semester. I hope that we run into each other again in the near future. I plan on pursuing my dreams of playing at the professional level in football, but as we all know sooner or later all careers must come to an end. When that day comes for me I will gladly pick back up my pen in replace for my helmet/cleats. Keep on throwing the football and keep on writing/reading each day! Much Love ~ Christian Strong

And there you have it, 3, 2, 1 … TOUCHDOWN and THE GAME IS OVER as the final whistle blows!

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