Lemire Chapter 6-9

Chapter 6

I never knew how much thought can go into saying, “I love books.” I found it interesting that Lemire describes people who love reading, handling, and surrounding themselves with books as people who should work in a library. Then he describes the people who look that deeply into the process of how the book is marketed, sold, and everything along with that, as publishers. Now, personally, I’m more into the reading and handling the books, not so much the pricing. But as I continued reading this chapter, I realized that maybe I would like to be apart of the publishing side. I would like to help someone develop their creation into something to share with everyone. I’m not sure I could just look at is as a product to be put on a shelf and sold for a profit but that’s not for certain. But it is a possibility I’d like to look further into from his touching on the subject. Another part of the section I liked was how he lists all the jobs and places to go for the jobs and tips on how to help get somewhere. He really doesn’t leave anything out! He gives you the inside scoop on where to go to look for a publishing or editing jobs. All the differences between each career, that are usually confused, are clearly displayed for you. I feel like he’s sitting right in front of me, handing me all the information I need. His writing is personal, and that makes it a lot easier for me to relate to and understand.

Chapter 7

Freelancing. I like the way it sounds and its occupation. I can say, that before reading this chapter, I had no idea Freelancing even existed! I love how flexible your work can be and how it’s all on your choices. You get to choose what you want to do, when you want to do it, how you want to do it… Well, okay, maybe not all of that but it’s more of an independent job. I like that. The idea is appealing to me since sadly, I do get lazy and sidetracked and want to do as I please. Granted, you can’t do that through the job if you want to be able to buy food to survive but that’s the price you pay.  Freelancing does have a big downside and it’s that work can be sporadic and very unpredictable. I’d compare it to the life of a musician or actor/actress. Some months you get so many call backs you have to pick and choose and other months you struggle to get by.  This job is most likely for someone who is rich or already has a steady income to support them because otherwise, it’s a bit risky and they might run into some trouble.


3 thoughts on “Lemire Chapter 6-9

  1. michaelingram

    I like the idea of freelancing as well and I never really thought of it as similar to a musician or an aspiring actor or actress. The more I think about it, the more I think that is a great point. The reason that some people (like me) would want to work in freelance work is the freedom that it entails. But just like a musician, you have to pay a price to do something you enjoy. In this case, that means you give up security and sometimes higher pay for the right to do work in your own terms.

    I just watched an interview with Dave Chappelle the other night, and he was talking about how he told his dad that he wanted to be a comedian. His dad thought it was a bad idea, but he told him something to the affect of “If I can make as much as a teacher does doing comedy, I think I’d rather just do comedy”. I thought that was a great way to think about whether or not you really want to do something professionally. If you just got paid so-so money, would you still do it?

    1. cteagarden Post author

      It’s such a coincidence because I read the article about Dave Chappelle in high school and I can’t believe I forgot about it! Especially, since I just graduated last year. Although, I never thought to compare the two as you did. The topics definitely all relate and it’s very true. You have to make sacrifices sometimes to do the things you love. Money is a hard thing to sacrifice these days but I feel that freelancing is a good side job, ya know? So that just incase you need a little more income and have some free time it’s a nice job to consider. I wouldn’t feel as comfortable with it being my only occupation but it’d be a fun half time job.


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