Ender’s Game (2/4)

Chapters 6-8

As I continue reading this story, I’m still finding myself surprised. It’s hard to grasp that they’re taking a six-year-old away from his home and family to put him into battle. There’s also the fact that he goes willingly, without being too distraught over leaving. The maturity of Ender is ridiculous, his thought process is of an adult. He realized that he only caused his family discomfort so he leaves to make it easier on them and himself.

I really enjoyed the part where they were learning how to use their suits in the special gravity field. It was nice to see Ender enjoying himself and making friends with Alai. It shows that he still can be a kid even under the hard circumstances. And then he passes to new levels in his game and gets moved up in the army. He still is being ostracized by his peers and it doesn’t fair. I feel bad for him because it seems like Ender will never be able to fit in anywhere. He really is one of a kind. This is also proven when he is the last fighter standing and gets sent to another army.

I can’t help but feel sorry for Ender cause he keeps getting into fights that he doesn’t start. He’s only defending himself and gets in more trouble for doing that. It’s really not a fair system they’re running there.

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