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Over the last few weeks, I think I have progressed because of the purpose of the portfolios. The portfolios makes me look further into the text by looking for outside sources and looking at classmates’ posts and having a discussion with them; it helps me further my understanding and dive deeper into a passage. For example, when I read The Only Ghost I Ever Saw, I did not understand why ‘god forbid’ the narrator to look back on that day of talking with the ghost. I read Josh’s post about the fact that the holy ghost is usually silent and absent. I am now taking that input and saying that since this ghost, who talks and laughs and wears lace, contrasts completely with other ghosts and even the holy spirit. Maybe the ghost symbolizes evil and that is why ‘god forbid’ the narrator to look back. I thought this was just a cheery ghost, but by reading Josh’s post, I was able to do a further analysis of Dickinson’s confusing ending of the poem. God forbids the narrator to look back because that ghost was a deception of ‘real’ ghosts or a deception of the holy spirit. Or maybe Dickinson is just making a mockery about ghosts.. By responding and reading other classmates’ posts I can make a further analysis on what I am reading.

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  1. First, thank you for your thoughts on my post! Second, I completely agree with your thoughts. With rehearsals in the evenings I often did not post before 11:30- which robbed me of the comments and input of my peers. Though I was able to view others I was not able to effectively correspond and collaborate, after realizing this I made efforts to post earlier in the evening solving problems just like you have stated above

  2. I also feel that the portfolio has helped me! It forces me to push myself with depth and intertexuality. I feel that I can really gain from others blog posts like you did with Josh’s! We don’t know exactly what Emily Dickinson meant in her poems, but I think it’s neat how everyone has their own opinion on what it could mean.

  3. I think that a lot of people have made progress in this class because of the Portfolio activity. I really like how you look at Josh’s post and used his analysis of the end of the poem. I also feel that by responding and reading other classmates post it does help us.

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