John Henry (Music Analyis)

First, I think it is noteworthy that both Uncle Remus and John Henry stand up for their race, or get defensive when their race is trying to be undermined. Uncle Remus showed this when the little boy made up his own story. Uncle Remus did not yell at the boy but he did take offense to when the boy stepped on his territory of creating a story with his characters, causing tension between white and black people. Also, John Henry tries to outdo the white man’s steam-drill which shows tension between the white and black race.

Dickinson’s poems came to be studied in our class after her close friend published them and the public realized how beyond her time she was. She was an instant success only after her death. John Henry came to our class because the story raises so many questions like Dickinson’s poems do as to what it all means. John Henry and Dickinson’s poems were both altered but the poems are now sold without edits. It is her own markings. John Henry differs because there are so many different versions because of the different perspectives on the story.

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