Comprehensive Final Portfolio 5

Depth: I feel like depth is not a category that I have trouble with, so it was not hard to pick a few examples for depth. UTC IV is an example because as I read this act, I stopped and talked about a few characters and their decisions along the way. It was easy to talk about several characters in one blog because the acts had several scenes in them, so the setting changed quite frequently. Another example of depth is my blog about the Academic Essay. I found it was extremely easy to talk about Edgar Allan Poe because I enjoy reading his stories and poems. When I read the article about how Poe transitions from comedy to horror, I realized how true it is when applying it to his other works.

Timeliness: I hardly ever turn my blogs in past the due date, so it was easy finding examples for this category. Foster 25-26 was turned in early and even though no one commented on it, I particularly liked this one because I applied the symbolism that Foster talked about onto the stories we read by Poe. Another blog for timeliness was UTC III. I chose this one because Julie and Taylor both replied to it because I turned it in earlier than usual, which allowed for a bigger opportunity for people to read mine.

Riskiness: One risky post that I blogged was the American Dream. I talked about how “The Golden Girl” differed from “The Glass Menagerie” and “The Great Gatsby” because of the views on the American Dream. I saw this as risky because I made a connection with two stories that were not discussed in the course. I am actually very proud of this blog because of the connection I made and that depending of the time period, the American Dream was viewed differently which is shown in the play compared to the two stories I brought up. Another risky post was the Creative Critical Project Progress. I found the entire project that we thought up to be risky because I was not sure if Dr. Jerz would approve of our interpretations of the text. Plus, I was not sure if their was balance between the analytical side and the creative side.

Discussion: One post that I think encompasses this category is on canvas; it is on the “You and I” poem. This could also go into riskiness but three people commented on my interpretation. The comments made me see that my interpretation did make sense and gave me more confidence of making inferences about poems. Another post for this category was on canvas too, Poetry Workshop. Multiple people commented on my interpretation about the author of the poem, and it made me see that the author’s identity has an enormous impact upon the meaning of the poem.

Intertextuality: This time around, intertextuality was harder because there were less blogs and most of the blogs required us to find an addition source. Especially concerning the academic essay, we were required to find an outside source to apply scholarly work to piece of work we read. In addition, the Uncle Tom’s Cabin Intro post included the need to research the meaning of melodrama to understand the play’s purpose. Without seeing the meaning, I would overlooked some parts of the play; whereas, they meant so much.

Coverage: Grimstead’s “Page to Stage” was completed on time but did not stand out compared to my other blogs, such as those in the risky category. However, I did like how I was able to connect the page to stage version to a book to movie version. Both lose certain elements of the original work, but the audience is able to see the story in a different light, because of the visuals. Another post that was completed on time but did not stand out as much was UTC II. I was able to connect the story to the Remus tales we read about previously because both of them showed how important older African Americans were to younger white children.


Depth: Since we did not talk about it in class, I want to choose the Jumping Frog post for this category. Even though it is not my longest post, I feel like I went into great depth with it because I analyzed the character’s habits and searched what the causes of addiction are. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the meaning of the story. My depth has stayed constant through the term.

Timeliness: One of the fastest posts I have done was on canvas for Poetry Workshop. Being that it was posted fast, I received the most comments that I ever have during this semester for that post, which tells me what I wrote caused a decent reaction from the class. My timeliness has stayed constant through the term as well.

Riskiness: My post about Character Synthesis was the riskiest one because I challenged a scholarly article. When Jade agreed with me, I found myself feeling more confident about what I had wrote. I feel my riskiness has improved because with my classmates’ feedback, I could tell if I was close reading correctly or not.

Discussion: My best discussion post was about “The Only Ghost I Ever Saw”. By reading Josh’s blog post and Cecilia’s, I was able to make a conclusion on what the poem could have meant. In that moment, I realized how important it was to read other people’s blogs and incorporate other people’s thoughts and ideas into one. My discussion category wavered a little bit depending on if I commented on other blogs and commented back to people who wrote on mine. I definitely learned how important reading other people’s is though.

Intertextuality: My post about “After a great pain, A formal feeling comes -” did not involve many outside sources but the parts I had to look up really helped me understand the poem more and helped me draw on an interpretation. This was the hardest category because I just wanted to write and analyze, not look up or search what certain things meant. But I realized that searching to understand the text was a build up to doing the term paper.

Coverage – Back in Portfolio 1, I wrote about Rip Van Winkle and out of all my coverage posts, this one was the most in depth for a category that I merely had to turn in on time. I also quoted several sentences from the text to back up my point. Coverage stayed pretty constant over the term because coverage was not one of the harder categories.

Conclusion: Being that this is our last blog portfolio, I know that I have improved with my close reading skills. When I read something in another class, I realize that my take on the passage was more analytical than most people’s view, because I search for a meaning behind the words. Going from blogs to a paper was difficult because I was comfortable writing without having to worry about my grammar or punctuation or following directions. With a paper, I had to be less personal and more professional. I liked making the project and watching other people’s because you got to see the stories and poems come to life and I got to see other people’s interpretations that I did not see myself when first reading them.

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Creative Critical Project Progress

Before starting the project, I had two ideas. One, which was the one we went with, was the idea of making a video/picture show with audio of “Annabel Lee” and “I Felt A Funeral in My Brain”. The guy would recite the Annabel Lee poem because he would be talking about his lost love. The girl would recite the Dickinson poem because she would be saying what she felt while dying. Both poems work together, because Annabel dies and I interpreted the narrator in the Dickinson poem as a person dying in the end. Both have first person perspectives so the story would be able to be read by someone to add emotional appeal to the audience. The tricky part was figuring out the iMovieMaker, and making the audio match up with the music and pictures. We scratched the idea of using videos because it took a lot more time, so we went with pictures instead since Cody and Taylor already had pictures of them together from previous events. We also struggled on making the ‘kingdom of the sea’ more of a modern version because we did not have a body of water surrounding us. Then we realized that SHU looks like a castle so we just interpreted SHU as being a kingdom. The time transition between them meeting and her death and him accepting her death was difficult, so we merely made the past events black and white pictures, and made the present pictures in color, rather than dressing Cody and Taylor up into older and younger clothes and make their appearance different.