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After reading the provided links, I have the overall impression that its not necessarily what you do but how you say it and how you try to sell it to get the job. Its all about persuasion. There was advice on how to sell yourself, like say “If you hire me, you’ll get a hard working employee,” but don’t say “I always wanted this job because its my dream job.” The first quote is more about your work ethic, rather than just stating something you wish. An employer wont hire you based on the fact that you always wanted a job like this, but rather someone who has the ability to do the job the best way it can be done. I think another important point is that you have to “show, not tell” in your resume and your interview, because saying you are a good listener and are determined is so broad. You have to have examples as to why, so like say “I worked extra hours at my last job to help the project progress faster.” Give proof rather than broad positives about yourself. I feel that if you order your jobs, activities, awards, etc. in the wrong way, it can persuade the employer. I think it is important to get a couple of people to review a resume so that people give their opinion on which order/wording looks best. You want to appear to be the best for the job, so why not perfect your resume?

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  1. On your resume, you need to have a brief description of what you did at each of your jobs and this is where you can prove that you’re good at writing or that you’re organized. Depended on your responsibilities, your employer will know that you did good.

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