She Kills Monsters

Even though I enjoyed the play, I thought the concept of her learning about her sister was rushed. Given 71 pages and the fact that we did not read what their relationship was like before (it is only briefly mentioned in passing), I feel like the story is lacking. If we knew their relationship before, it might give more substance to the story. I think the concept of including actual battling was good because it literally forces the two sisters to be closer. They have to make quick decisions, and act on instinct, and when they did, their initial instinct was to protect each other. Maybe that is why the story could be achieved in 71 pages, they can’t dwell on their feelings in a fight scene, they have to act fast.

Also, it was unexpected that Agnes was going to react so emotionally to Lilith’s death; I thought there would have been a scene where Tilly or Agnes was in danger so the other sister would rescue the other one. However, Agnes’s emotional reaction to Lilith’s death, someone who didn’t really like her and vice versa, shows that Agnes cares if Tilly is effected, whether it be physically or mentally. I found it unsavory that Agnes does end up with Miles in the end. Does the fact that he cares enough to play the game change their relationship? Does Tilly’s death bring them closer? Because it is mentioned that Agnes does not really tell Miles that much about her family and her sister; she keeps to herself. Tilly advises Agnes that she should not be with Miles and so does Vera. So why would the author have Agnes and Miles end up together? On a side note, I thought Vera was funny, because of how blunt she was and she was the voice of reason in the play.

Overall, I thought the play was rushed, but its nice to see that a text was written about the relationship of two sisters. You see in movies all the time about love relationships, and it tends to get old. I just wanted to know why Tilly used the game to be herself. The players in the game play because they can imagine themselves doing something they can’t. For Tilly, she can be with Lilith, and even though, it was complicated between her and Lilly, I feel like her reasoning behind playing that game was solely for that reason. I think the author should have focused on the fact of identity rather than just her sexuality. Or is the author doing both? I just felt like the play was rushed, but I really enjoyed it.

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  1. I agree that there were parts of the play that were rushed. I disagree that it was a bad thing that Agnes and Miles got married and had kids. I think that the play tried to show that Tilly didn’t even try to get to know Miles all that much and just disliked him. Also, from every interaction we saw between the two of them, he was very caring and loving. I think that perhaps Vera and Tilly just didn’t see the side of him that Agnes did. But, by the end, I think Vera was convinced.

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