The Monsters are Coming to Seton Hill (News Feature Advance)

The Monsters are Coming to Seton Hill

The Seton Hill Theatre Department will close the school year with the play “She Kills Monsters” this weekend at the Performing Arts Center.

This nerdy comedy production is about an older sister, Agnes Evans, playing Dungeons and Dragons to learn about her deceased younger sister, Tilly Evans.

“I have played D&D for quite some time, so this play is something I can really connect with,” said Katelynn Reist, who plays Tilly, “I have never played a character quite like Tilly. She has so many different character traits and things for me to work with.”

“The play has come along smoothly,” said Steven Wilson, the director, “As soon as I heard Reist read Tilly’s part, I knew I wanted her for the role.”

Kristina Riggans, a theatre major at Seton Hill University, said, “I thought that Reist and Layne Bailey, who plays Agnes, would have been casted for the opposite roles because of their personalities, but I think they will do well.”

“She Kills Monsters” will run this weekend from Friday to Sunday and next weekend from Thursday to Sunday as well. Tickets are sold at the box office for $16, with student and group rates available.

Live coverage of the event will be on available on Sunday at

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