Life Advice from Neil Gaiman

Gaiman’s life advice of making mistakes definitely fits this class because all we have done this semester is try things that are unfamiliar to us. For example, at least for me, writing articles and short stories is very new to me. I knew I would make mistakes and get points taken off for how I wrote the assignment because I never did it before. In the process, I learned more about myself in that I do not like to write short stories, but I do like to write news articles. Plus, I did not realize how much it would help me with my major, Exercise Science. Writing papers in my science class is all about writing about facts, not opinions, and the articles for this class made us take out our opinion and write purely factual. That is why I chose to do my IWP on news profiles. I get to practice my skill of writing factually, and taking out all opinion. I realized that article writing is so much different than other papers because your sources are different. You have to talk to someone, rather than find sources in a database or read a book. Not that I cannot do that with my other papers, but for articles, that was the main source that had to be utilized.

However, on a broader scale, I think Gaiman means that we should make mistakes even when it comes to life decisions. When I came to SHU, I had the idea that I would be a business major because I love to be organized and busy. So, my first semester here, I took mainly business classes but I realized that the courses bored me and they didn’t challenge me. So I decided to take some English classes as time went on and I had no intention of minoring or majoring in English, but I absolutely fell in love with the classes and eventually picked up an English minor, and I am even contemplating an English major. I made the mistake of taking business classes, but in the long run, I am happy that I did because I would never have known if I liked them or not if I didn’t pursue the business classes. Plus, with the amount of business classes that I have, I was able to pick up a business minor which makes me look even more well-rounded, so the classes were not a waste at all. I agree with Gaiman that you have to make mistakes, otherwise you won’t learn about yourself and not that every mistake is beneficial, but sometimes, mistakes can be very helpful in the long run.

Source: Life Advice from Neil Gaiman

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  1. I think that it’s awesome that you have two minors! Companies will definitely find that useful and it will certainly be helpful in life.
    Also, I totally agree that this minor only helps with differing majors. This semester in my writing intensive class for the math major a few of my friends have realized that I’m the person to go to for good feedback on their papers and it makes me feel good that I have a skill that not a lot of people in my major do.

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