Calvino, through Ch 9

Reading through these three chapters, I noticed that sexuality was a big part of them. It was almost in every section that intimacy was being bought up, which I was a bit shocked, but hey it’s a book. Anyways, while I was reading there was this quote in chapter 8 that completely stood out to me and I immediately knew that’s what I wanted to focus on.

On page 171 the main character or Flannery says, “I am unable to write if there is someone watching me: I feel that what I am writing does not belong to me anymore.”

This quote immediately made me think about being in classes and being forced to write on a given topic. Whenever that happens I resort to doing something else because it’s hard for me to focus on my writing knowing that someone is timing you and knowing that you’re going to have to share it amongst a group or with another person. It’s like rushed writing, which causes me to panic because I can’t think of anything and my brain just doesn’t want to focus at all.

In the following paragraph he says,”How well I would write if I were not here!”

Going back to the in class writing, this is always how I think whenever that happens. I honestly am more prepared and focused when I set aside time to get writing done because I know I can comfortably think about how I want to word each sentence. When I’m in the zone, writing is something that does come easy to me, which I love because I can get everything done in a timely fashion. As well, when I set aside my own designated time there is usually a reward behind it, such as catching up on my favorite shows or just catching up on sleep. I am really enjoying seeing the changes in my writing from my past up to now.

Source: Calvino, through Ch 9

Posted by danisharogers   @   1 March 2018

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Mar 14, 2018
9:20 am
#1 paigeparise :

I also noticed how the romantic encounters got more explicit as the novel continued. I felt like Calvino could be implying that the only way to keep a reader’s attention is by including these types of scenes.

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