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The way Stephenson ended the novel was like a heartfelt moment more  so because of the encounter with Nell and Miranda. Miranda had longed to meet Nell and Harv when she first encountered Nell through the primer. From that moment on Miranda had developed and attachment with Nell because she was growing with her and experiencing all of her day to day struggles. When Stephenson introduced Nell and Miranda I thought it was a great moment because she had basically been helping Nell for almost half of her life and finally got to put a face to a name.

Now we have the ending of the story where Nell saves Miranda’s life from the insane orgy and nano sites, but I must admit this part did scare me a little.  I wasn’t expecting Miranda to just come back to life and the description that Stephenson used for Nell to revive Miranda was insane and it was as if you could feel the pain while reading through Nell’s actions. “She bit down hard as she did it, biting through her own lips and Miranda’s so that their blood mingled,” (499), now I know that she was trying to save her, but that was definitely one heck of a way to put it.

Although when I think about the concept I have been following through this entire novel, I have decided to stick with the fact that reading a book can saves someone’s life. I feel as though Stephenson emulated that perfectly with the development of Nell from the beginning to the end and the connection she had with the primer. I would also say it occurred with the connection or emotional attachment that was developed between Miranda and Nell.

I can honestly say that a book is worth 1000 words and the Stephenson introduced me into a whole different form of reading such as Umberto Eco with The Name of The Rose. I don’t think I would have ever read this novel if it wasn’t required for this course, but I’m glad that I got to experience a different genre and was able to make connections with previous readings.

Source: Stephenson (Finish)

Posted by danisharogers   @   28 April 2018

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