Stephenson (through ~p400)

With this section I just wanted to focus on the development of Nell, who is now an adolescent with a job. Nell works in Miss Pings office and is very well developed intellectually because of the primer. Because I always tend to relate this novel back to modern day society it just introduces the value of a print book more so because of Nell’s learning experience from the primer. Although the interesting factor is that the primer is sort of like an eBook and a print book in one because of the interactivity that it has and also because of the structure of it.

While going through this section I thought it was interesting how Stephenson allowed the reader to watch the characters growth as we read through the book excuse it sort of gave off the feeling that we were growing with her. Stephenson also emulates the ideology of books and exponential development because of Nell’s background and how much of a success she has become from the beginning to the ending of this novel.

Starting off Nell was being abused and afraid of everything because she hadn’t experience much, but once she had the primer she started to learn more and be introduced to more life changing experiences which made her a stronger person. Her having that second chance at life by going to find Brad and instead being introduced to Rita allowed her to experience even more things and from then on Nell grew to be a stronger individual.

Source: Stephenson (through ~p400)

Posted by danisharogers   @   28 April 2018

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