Participation Portfolio 3

It has came to the end of the my academic blogging journey and what I can say is that I have came a very long way when it comes to blogging. From hating blogging to becoming fond of blogging, I have improved on the way I comment about readings and share my thoughts.
I have also reached the point where I included more quotes, but in the end I’m glad I got the chance to experience constant blogging for 4 years. My next step is to create my own poetry blog and hopefully I will excel from there.

Depth: When it comes to depth for my post one thing I can say is that I have been improving on the amount I type when responding to the prompts. There was one prompt where I can honestly say it was clear that I had a lot to say and I was connecting with the previous readings in the course.  The Borges prompt reminded me of Eco’s The Name of The Rose and because I was able to understand that book by taking my time to read, I was able to make connections to this reading. It was at this point where I felt as though I was reaching and excelling at the course goals because I was connecting the texts with other assignments we had on the blog. This showed a strength because I was able to connect these texts with the readings and it showed how much I improved with close reading. Now thinking back to all the assignments after the second portfolio I would say all of them had the exact same amount of depth and that I have really learned to not just be so opinionated with my post.

Riskiness: I would say the most risky thing I faced during this part of the blogging was completely putting a few posts on the back burner in order to complete more current ones, which I felt were more important. Not finishing that last portion of the Kirschenbaum book was a bummer for me because I didn’t have any time to complete it with the time crunch and trying to make sure I was on schedule for the other readings was very stressful. Although one thing I can say is that I did learn a lot about the process of computers and all the different programs that were introduced before Microsoft Word became popular.  I also learned about Stephen King who is the writer of two of my favorite movies, Cujo and Carrie and at this point I was excited with reading Kirschenbaum. The other post that I missed the electronic sampler and this was because I was so focused on doing my capstone project and trying to get my other projects done and finish The Diamond Age that I completely forgot about completing it.

Discussion: As I mentioned in the discussion section of the previous portfolio I don’t get much discussion on my blog, which does sadden me a little, but at the same time I know that everyone has a lot on their plates, so it can be forgotten. One thing I try to make sure that I do is at least leave a comment on my peers blog posts, so that they see the connections we’re making and also so they’ll have something to share in their portfolios. Another thing that I will say is that I do enjoy commenting on my peers blogs because they mention a lot of interesting points that make me rethink the text, especially with the Stephenson text. As I always say I like to make connections and get a chance to experience other people’s perspectives or perceptions of the types of novels we read because everyone thinks differently. It was interesting because one of us almost always ends up pointing out a small detail that the other missed, but we can still pick up on that detail in a different form of response.

Intertextuality: Once again I will say that I always find myself commenting on Paige’s blog, which is mainly because she is almost always the next person to comment after me or vice versa. One thing that I did notice was that Paige brings up a lot of interesting and detailed points about the readings, mainly ones that I wouldn’t have thought of when reading. One thing I noticed was that we read completely different because I think my reading is more of a creative and playful way, whereas Paige reads on a more professional analytical level, which I think is because of our personalities. I definitely learn a lot from Paige’s blog and if I’m not commenting on Paige’s blog then I comment on Kemaura’s. She usually gets her post done before me or right after me, which gives me a break from always commenting on Paige’s blog.

Timeliness: When it comes to the timeliness I have fallen behind to an extent that I didn’t like especially when it came to the readings. I was weeks and days behind on the Stephenson readings (300-finish) because I was in the process of reading two other books for another class and the size of the Stephenson book had stressed me out, but as days passed I was able to make it through and finish the book. The one thing that happened was the post that I wasn’t able to complete due to the time crunch and everything going on. While that was only 3 post I missed, I still managed to get all the rest of them done which was my main focus and I was able to complete the Stephenson book. Completing that book was important to me because if I didn’t finish that book I would have probably been devastated, but I’m glad I got the courage to complete the reading because it made me feel accomplished, very accomplished. One thing i can say is that I’m glad I found time to complete at least 2/3 of the posts that I had missed, while it may not be all three, missing one is better than all.

Coverage: As I always say having the readings posted on the blog allow me to be flexible with responding to the chapters and balance out my timing, which I somehow still manage to mess up. While dedicating time to read the Eco book worked perfectly for me, when it came to The Diamond Age that wasn’t the case because each time I planned on dedicating time to reading something else would come up, which delayed the process. Although when it all came down to reading Stephenson’s novel, I was shocked that I was able to make connections with these two books. I could say it was because of the size of the book, but that would just be me making jokes. I would say it’s because of the content in the books that I was able to make so many connections because these books held a lot of creative historical and futuristic information.

Conclusion: From taking this course I have been introduced to a few genres of books that I wouldn’t normally read on my own and I can honestly say that each of these books were interesting.  One thing that I liked was that I was able to connect with each book differently and that I was able to bring some of the previous book into the next book because it helped me to understand the text better. I don’t think there would be anything I would suggest about changing this course because I learned a lot while being in this course and I took risk of trying things that I thought I wouldn’t excel in. Having read Eco and Stephenson’s novel gave me new perspective on reading because I would normally shy away from novels that size, but the fact that I stuck through and finished them just made me a prouder read because I tried something new. One thing I will take away from this course is not to judge a book by it’s size because you never know what secrets lie inside, lol.

Source: Participation Portfolio 3

Posted by danisharogers   @   1 May 2018

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