Thursday, 02 Jan 2014


Portfolio 1 Submission Page

Please use this page to submit a link to your Portfolio 1.

If you have already submitted a draft on the optional pre-submission page Dec 23, thank you. Whether you chose to do the optional pre-submission or not, please post a link to your Portfolio 1 in a comment on this page. (I’ll use the links on this page to find your portfolios in order to assess them.)

Demonstrate your understanding of hypertext by writing something engaging, other than just “Here’s a link to my homework.”


  1. katiecatanzarite says:

    Ultimately strengthening my understanding of complex cultural context.

  2. Abbey Fleckenstein says:

    Slowly but surely understanding the complexity of hypertext

  3. ckotyuha says:

    Thought-provoking communication outside of your typical classroom…

  4. Sara Tantlinger says:

    Thought are tangles we weave through our minds, sorting them into neat categories to better understand our future goals.

  5. Kay says:

    A journey from the clueless to the “I’m slowly getting there.”

  6. Julie says:

    A walk through my construction zone, speed bumps, pot holes, water main breaks, and traffic included !~!

  7. jenniferclark says:

    Ah the new year…surprises, intrigue and fun already…OMG…check it out… portfolio people

  8. jon3292 says:

    If you fall, you fall, pick yourself up and try again, try again.

  9. sha4436 says:

    The journey of my digital story!

  10. Kathleen Snyder says:

    Oops, I meant to only put this here, not on the optional pre-submission page.

    Like I don’t have enough to do as is, right?

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