Get a Life, Not a Career

Essay and Infographic by Ashley Herman

Edited by Haley Carnahan

When job searching, of course we want a job that pays well to have nice luxuries. However, it is more important to be finding enjoyable meaning in our work. Most people work about 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. That is a great majority of time to be spending the wrong way. Many people go into their careers for the money, but really, it seems like happiness is what we are longing for. The problem our entire student body faces today is thinking about what we want in a career and if money should be our first priority. Money is important, but why not try to find a career path that pays well and interests you. There are many reasons why people should get a job doing something that they enjoy; one of the most important reasons is that your mental health could be a stake.

Let’s elaborate on that. Many people often develop depression or psychological issues from being in a position that they don’t want to be in, according to study in Forbes Magazine. Also, financial instability could occur if you end up taking a job just for the money to find out that you want to get out of it because you don’t enjoy the work, which could affect your mental health even more. In all honesty, if more people were happier in their jobs, imagine what we could accomplish as a society. People would be more willing to express their ideas and make great contributions to their work, which could influence technology and the momentum of our society. I know from my own experience that if I am not interested in a topic that I have to write a paper on, I’ll procrastinate until I am forced to write a half-assed paper with no substance, which, in return, makes me feel terrible.

Also, people would have a greater sense of purpose if they chose to live the life that they love. Not only would enjoyable jobs contribute to the momentum of society, but if more people set out to find jobs that are enjoyable, we could break the job-searching stigma for our children on solely searching for a career based on salary. If students want to go into the arts or music for a living, they wouldn’t be afraid of being criticized to go find a career if more people are being their fear-less, true selves. Lastly, when we are happy, it brings value to others! We could build stronger relationships and help others in more effective ways. Given these points, we can create our own happiness by finding a job that we enjoy. Find what you’re interested in and be bold in pursuing it. When you find a job that you enjoy, your overall mental health will be better and you’ll be able to be at peace with yourself, knowing that you can wake up everyday with a sense of purpose. When people ask you what your job is, you can say “what job?”



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