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Tuesday, 21 Aug 2018


WordPress Setup

If you have already used a SHU WordPress blog for me in another class, just use the login/blog me button to demonstrate how to create a two-way link between your blog and this post.

If you are new to blogging at SHU, watch this video, which shows you exactly how to set up a WordPress blog at (If you can send an email, you can post to a blog. If you’d like face-to-face help, please feel free to make an appointment.) Read More »


Reading Schedule

Reading assignments up to Sep 18 are posted on the course reading blog. (Remember also to check Canvas for writing assignments not listed on this page.)

As we get closer to the due dates, I will continue to flesh out the readings blog, according to the following sechedule.

  • Mid/Late Sep RWaL (Textbook readings TBA)
  • Late Sep, early Oct John Henry Days
  • Oct RWaL (Textbook readings TBA)
  • Oct Digital Literature TBA
  • Late Oct/early Nov Edson, Wit
  • Early Nov Digital Literature TBA

Thursday, 23 Aug 2018


Literary Close Reading


Orwell, 1984 (Part 1)

If called on in class, what is the page number of a specific passage you’d like the class to discuss, and what do you want to talk about, and why do you think it’s worth further study?

Tuesday, 28 Aug 2018


Orwell, 1984 (Part 2)

Thursday, 30 Aug 2018


Orwell, 1984 (Part 3)