News Story vs. English Essay

There are many differences between a News Story and English Essay. From my experience English essays are normally a page or longer. While News stories are broken up into different sections with at least 3 sentences each.

English essays are normally broken up in paragraphs with a topic sentence, details and conclusion. The purpose of english essays are for educational reasons. English essays also include a title, thesis, body, and bibliography.

News stories are normally for a very general audience and to the point. The purpose of news stories are to relay information to the public. News stories have a Headline, lead, most recent & supporting details, background information, and any other details they want to involve.

I find it very easy to spot the differences because News stories and English Essays are completely different. When writing both of these you need to keep your audience in mind while also including facts.

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EoJ Ch 6

In EoJ Chapter 6, the passage I found interesting was “Journalists must maintain an independence from those they cover” (Kovach & Rosenstiel, 142). This reminded me of invisible journalism. Journalists have to make sure they are not involving their opinion or emotions into the story. They must take a look at both sides of the story. In this passage it goes on to say “Don’t be afraid to call somebody a ‘terrorist’ who strikes terror into a populace by deliberately killing civilization” (Kovach & Rosenstiel, 142). With this being said I think they are saying if someone does a hateful crime you can say this person is a killer because it is factual information.

Source: EoJ Ch 6

EoJ Ch 5

In Chapter 5, the passage I found was “Independence from faction suggests there is a way to produce journalism without either denying the influence of personal experience or being hostage to it.” A good journalists will look at the world through a different view point. They try not to take side on the issue they are writing about. Journalists need to try and remove their own opinions from their articles.

Source: EoJ Ch 5

Journalism and the Invisible Observer

When reading Gus Griffin’s passage I noticed that he was not invisible. He was in the story and provided to many details that didn’t involved facts. Throughout the whole article he included his opinions which a journalist shouldn’t do. He described what it was like on the campus from his own viewpoint on the day we went to interview the staff.

My Revision:

Chance Salomonder, an archaeology program research assistant at Elizabeth Mount College, was the victim of an assault overnight. Janet Powers, a cleaning staff employee, found Salomonder lying unconscious in the office of Barnaby Sneedlewood, the chair of the Department of Archaeology. Sneedlewood said “Salomonder left his residence around 10 pm last night. Salomonder said he had some errands to run and he left. Salomonder is never talkative, but always polite, so we really didn’t think anything of it when he got up and left.” Campus Police Chief Arnold MacDougal said “the injury were severe enough to send the victim to Steamsburg Medical Center.” Campus police have not found a suspect yet.



Source: Journalism and the Invisible Observer

EoJ Ch 4

In Chapter 4 I noticed this passage. “In the end, the discipline of verification is what separates journalism from entertainment, propaganda, fiction or art.” I thought this went good with the chapter because it talked about verifying sources to the story. There isn’t just an A and B side to the story there can be multiple angles. You can interview the people involved but also hear from the lady walking her dog who witnessed it or the mailman who was walking past. You need to make sure the story is as accurate as possible because your audience wants to know the truth.

Source: EoJ Ch 4

EoJ Ch 3

In Chapter 3, I found the passage “That journalists’ primary commitment is to the public is a deeply felt tradition among both journalists and citizens.” I found this particular quote interesting because we rely on journalists to product the new with the whole truth. I think that journalists and citizens lean on each other for information, and news. If it wasn’t for the other person then we wouldn’t have news. Loyalty to the citizens is one of the most important part of being a journalists because citizens are loyal to the journalists.

Source: EoJ Ch 3

Broadcast News Exercise



I watched the WTAE Nowcast, Pittsburgh Action 4 News:

:15 Opening

:30 Hurricane Harvey Preview

:45 500-year flood Preview

1:00 Fugitive Captured Preview

1:15 Sports: Pre-Season Action Preview

1:30 Weather Opening

1:45 Shot of the City

2:00 Weather: Right Now

2:15 Weather: High School Forecast

2:30 Hurricane Harvey: FEMA administrator Brock Long

3:00 Harvey Radar

3:15 Live Look at Hurricane Harvey

3:45  Talk to Harvey victims

4:15 Look at Austin Texas

5:00 Volunteers travel to help red cross

5:15 Taking to red cross volunteers

5:30 15 people going down from our area

5:45  Brothers Brother foundation helping

6:00  Trump tweets about volunteers

6:15  Trump holds conference

6:30  All updates on App

6:40 4 people hurt in crash on the  Southside

7:00 Car Crash in Sharpsburg car rolls over

7:20 House fire overnight in Shenago twp.

8:00 Deputy fell 15 feet off a wall on head because he was chasing after fugitive. 

8:30 Talked to wanted fugitive

9:15 LT. Jack Kearney talks

9:45 Talk about fugitive’s past charges

10:00 Man shot in chest

10:15  Search for Clairton shooter

10:30  Crash Leaves 400 customers in dark Penn Hills

11:00 Firefighter injured during fire in Carrick

11:45  pizza shop burns in Castle Shannon

12:15  Steelers lose to Colts 19-15

12:45  Up next: New DUI Law

13:00 Up Next: Spooky Fun

13:15  Up Next: Weather preview

13:30 Commercial: Goodrich and associates

13:45 Commercial: Hunterdouglas

14:00 Commercial: Phipps conservatory

14:15 Commercial: CLASS Community

14:45 Commercial: Valley Dairy

15:00 Commercial: Presbyterian Senior Care network

15:15  Commercial: Rain remodeling

15:30  Commercial: PPG

15:45  Commercial:

16:00  Commercial: Aviary

16:15 Commercial:  Arendosh

16:30  New DUI Laws take effect

17:00  Talks to DUI offender

17:30 Shots of alcohol

17:45  state about DUI first time offender

18:15  Talks to Previous DUI offender

18:45  Action Weather: Harvey radar

19:15  Action Weather: Harvey tracking

19:45 Shot of the city.

20:00 Action Weather: Visibility

20:15 Action Weather: future cast

20:45  Action Weather: Right now

21:00  Action Weather: Today

21:15  Action Weather: HS football weather

21:30  Action Weather: Tonight

21:40 Action Weather: Your 4 Day plus 4

22:15 Talking about their dogs

22:30  Up next: Major Payout Johnson & Johnson

22:45 Up next: Don’t toss those glasses

23:00  Commercial: VD

23:15 Commercial: Penn Fencing

23:30  Commercial: BABB. INC

23:45 Commercial: PPG Paints

24:00  Commercial: Butler health system

24:30  Commercial: C Harper

24:45  Commercial: Rain Remodeling

25:00  Commercial: Rupp Fiore

25:15  Commercial: BABB INC

25:30 Commercial: Goodrich and associates

25:45  Commercial: Aviary

26:00  Johnson & Johnson talc powder lawsuit  

27:00 Goes over Lawsuit

27:15 Talks to attorney

28:00 Johnson & Johnson statement

28:15 Group wants your eclipse glasses to send abroad

28:45  Happy Hauntings at Kennywood

29:00  Up Next: Days of Rain

29:30 Commercial: Goodrich and associates

29:45 Commercial: Penn Fencing

30:00 Commercial:


There was about 21.5 minutes of news in this broadcast. Out of the 87 entires 47 were actually news segments. Since I did pick a Pittsburgh newscast most of them were involving people from around here. I would say about 2 segments weren’t involving people from around here, that would be the Johnson & Johnson segment and the Hurricane Harvey segments. But those two segments could effect Pittsburghers. I did involved weather and sports because I think the weather is very important considering it effects us. I also think that Hurricane Harvey is a huge news story because it will be apart of history now. If I could conclude there would probably be about 10-15 minutes that were actual news stories and not sports or weather.

Source: Broadcast News Exercise

Media Awareness Exercise

  1. The Charlie Broker’s How to Report the News, to me, means how a news segment is set up. There are so many different broadcasts that are set up the same way. Many people don’t care about all the extra shots included they just want to know what the news is. The viewer might end up ignoring the whole segment because they don’t care about the shots or get distracted by the shots to really know what they are talking about. When I was watching this video I could picture seeing a news report set up exactly like this.
  2. The Adbusters video on Vimeo, to me, means everything that we are just products of the media. We are consuming all the information from the media. To them we are nothing but robots.
  3. Such pictures fill my week poem, to me, means the media is trying to control what we see. They use our weaknesses s to try and push products to us.
  4. The audio clip is a way to show how to approach a news story when you are telling it to the public. You want to keep the public engaged at all times so they can pay attention to the news you are telling.
  5. This blog post is teaching me how the news is broadcasted to the public. Most news broadcasts are the same except the stories are different. There is a certain standard all the broadcasts have. This post made me realize how the news is portrayed to us.

Source: Media Awareness Exercise

EoJ Ch 2

The passage that stood out to me in chapter 2 would be “The impact of this new journalism, in turn, will extend beyond its direct audience, for it will impact and change the work others produce about the same news events” (Kovach and Rosenstiel, p. 67). In a digital age now, news is at our fingertips at all time. Extending your audience is very important because then it will reach more people. While extending your audience make sure your work is always truthful because then people will come to you for the facts.


Source: EoJ Ch 2

EoJ Ch 1

I have always found journalism very interesting. People always look at journalism in different ways depending on what they know. Some assumes that it is primarily writing or standing in front of a camera talking about the news. This quote provided so much more of what a journalist does.  “Journalists have always been engaged in something more important than merely the production of news. Whenever editors lay out a page or website, or reporters decide what angles or elements of an event or issue to emphasize and explore, they are guessing at what readers want or need to know based on their personal interaction in daily like” (Kovach and Rosenstiel, page 37). Journalist have to do so much more work compared to what most people think they do. They report on stories that they think the public might approve of, which can be hard at times because everyone has a different opinion. They have to investigate stories that might have multiple view points and convey that to the audience. Along with writing articles they need to be some bit tech savvy to create layouts and webpages that will relay their information.

I found this chapter very interesting because it really showed what journalism is all about and how it was created. It also provided information about the ever changing technology that effects journalist such as social media. Journalists have many different platforms to use now since technology is everywhere.

Source: EoJ Ch 1