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This blog post is an accumulation of some of my posts for Newswriting (EL 227). It is very common now that we create and post blogs for class assignments because the internet is full of knowledge. For this assignment we are told to break our blogs into six different categories: Depth, Riskiness, Discussion, Intertextuality, Timeliness, and Coverage.

Depth: My EoJ Chapter 1 was my longest and most in depth post. With this post I focused on one post but I used some of the outside knowledge that I have. I did at one time consider being a journalism major and people would say I would only be writing or working in broadcast which is where I drew that conclusion from. I thought the quote was very interesting because coming from a Communication major I know that journalism is using every single form of technology now. Many people probably don’t think that you need to be familiar with layouts because there probably a different person for that.

Another post that was pretty in depth was the Broadcast News Exercise. This post was lengthy because it broke down a 30 minute news broad cast into every segment that they talked about.

Riskiness: My What Is Newsworthy post was my riskiest post. This post is risky because it is about a very serious topic. This topic is surrounded by some hate throughout the world.

Journalism and the Invisible Observer was also risky for me because I never really wrote as a journalist before. We had to take the original passage and revise it.

Discussion: The only form of discussion that I had was to post on the original post. Also no one posted only my post either. I think we are still trying to get use to blogging and getting back into the swing of the semester.

Intertextuality: I would say that  EoJ Chapter 10 would relate to intertextuality. With this post I compared the quote to on of my other courses this semester.

News Story vs. English Essay would also be a good example of intertextuality because I have wrote many English essays in my life. I also used some knowledge that I had about News stories and english essays to come to a conclusion.

Timeliness: For these assignments I blogged about them in a timely manner. All my blog posts were up on the day that they were due.

Coverage: Majority of my EoJ posts were basic. There were a few that I got took the quote and ran with it. My post on the CRAFT of News Writing was also a great example of doing an assignment. There wasn’t anything special about this post.

Conclusion: During this semester so far I have grasp the blogging aspect. There are a few areas that I want to improve on including being more risky with my posts, discuss more of the topics with my classmates, and also add more depth to my posts. I think really taking a topic and running with it more will improve my blog posts so much. I have learned so much about journalism so far through this course. I am a big fan of the journalistic style. I find journalism very interesting and can also be complicated at times. I can’t wait to see what else we will learn about in this course.

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