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Once again it is time to analyze my blog for Portfolio 2. In this post I will be analyzing death, riskiness, discussion, intertextuality, timeliness, and coverage. Since Portfolio 1 I have tried to improve my blogs by these topics. I have been trying to create blog posts that are detailed and well written on the chapters of the Principle of Journalism Book.

Depth: I enjoy photography so much which made this post my longest. I really liked learning the rules for photographers because that is very important for anyone who issuing photos in an article.

Who owns the media was also one of my more detailed posts. In this chapter I used two different quotes to talk about the chapter and explain it more about who owns the media. I also included that the knowledge was new to me. I found it very interesting in know who owns what in the media world.

Riskiness: This time around I didn’t really have any major risky posts but I would consider RTDNA CoE as semi risky. I thought this was risky because it is talking about ethical choices and that can be a touchy subject at times.

Discussion: Discussion has been one of my improvements in this portfolio compared to Portfolio 1. The best example of discussion on my blog would be PAJ Ch. 5. I respond to my classmate’s posts to keep the conversation going. Another example of discussion would be ASNE SoP. I have also went onto other classmate’s posts and made some comments as part of class discussion.

Intertextuality: Digital media is one subject I find extremely interesting because I am a communication major. I used the concept of target audience to direct our event or campaign to a specific audience.

Timeliness: For timeliness I have made sure that all my posts were online before class started for the day. I found it easier to post before class because then I would know what we are talking about that day in class.

Coverage: Throughout this semester we have read so many different definitions of journalism. I found this assignment to be very basic and simple and not a lot of details added. An aspect of this class is interviewing people for different articles and editorials. I found this section to be very helpful but I also didn’t add a lot of details

Conclusion: Now that it is half way through this semester I found the blogging assignment very easy to complete. I am still trying to grasp being very detailed in my posts. Most of my posts are short and to the point. I think I can really expand on my posts. My goal for my next portfolio is to expand my blog posts and make them longer.

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