Portfolio 3

Welcome to portfolio 3! It is hard to believe that we are already doing the third portfolio of this semester. For this portfolio I tried to improve in some of the categories compared to in portfolio 1 and 2. The blog post are starting to become easier which is very good because It shows that I am understand the topics more.

Depth: One post that I found very interesting to write was Blue Feed, Red Feed. I thought that link that was provided to use was very interesting. It really made you think about your own social media and if its being effected at all. I would say for this post I really thought a lot about it because it has been something that was on my mind that week. The book chapter that discusses the First Amendment I went into more details about the First Amendment. I took multiple quotes from the book to include into this blog post. I thought this chapter was very important because it is something that could be helpful for anyone.

Riskiness: As I wrote Private-Jet Investigative Journalism I connected it to the Las Vegas shooting that happened. As a risky post I think this would be accurate because it involves politics and that is a very touchy subject for many people. In the post we had to look at 3 different news articles and discuss them. Another topic that I wrote about was  Fake News. I wrote about how fake news has been publicized since the 2016 Presidential election.

Discussion: Since the last portfolio I have been commented on other classmates posts. When someone responds to a post I find it easier to start a discussion. On my posts I make sure to comment back on what the other person is saying because it could start a discussion.

Intertextuality: When I was writing the post about Vanessa Otero I connected it to my Professional Development class. In Professional Development we discuss topics from the news and look at the topic as a Communication Professional. With this post I look at the chart the same way as I would in that class.

Timeliness: I have stated it in portfolio 2 I have gotten all the blog posts done before the class has started. I think that it is super important to have all the assignments done before class so it is easier to participate in the class discussions.

Coverage: For me most of the book post have not been that detailed for me. In PAJ Ch. 6 I discussed the concepts of perfect duties and imperfect duties. For this chapter I didn’t go into great detail because I thought the quote and information was really straight forward. In one of my posts I talked about the risk that journalists take for stories. The quote from the chapter stated that if your a good journalist will make people upset. I thought this chapter was interesting because I thought it was really true.


I found that these blog posts were easier for me because I have gained information from the class along with outside sources. Like I have said before in my portfolios I do think I can improve on more areas. I feel like I can really expand on the posts more and add more details to these posts. That is what I’m going to work on for the next portfolio. I want to expand my posts by adding more information and outside materials.

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