What is Good Writing?

“Simple is good. Writing is not something you have to embroider with fancy stitches to make yourself look smart” (William Zinsser). This quote stood out to me because it is very accurate. I think that especially for English writing we have letters that aren’t very difficult to make. While other countries use elaborate drawings in their writing. While we are writing we do have to create pictures in someone else’s mind, which could be hard at times but is a simple process.

While I was reading that quote I thought of myself. I look at most of my writing as pretty simple and basic. Most of the time I can get my point across in a few short sentences. I don’t like when something is over emphasized to the point where nothing makes sense anymore.

I found the Writing English as a Second Language post very interesting. Any time I hear something speaking in another language or even writing in it I find that so interesting. For me even though I have taken a foreign language class I can’t speak fluently or write in that language. I know a few saying but that is it. Being able to write in a second language is an amazing skill in my eyes.

Source: What is Good Writing?

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