Newsroom Math

I actually found the slideshow very helpful for journalistic math. It was a nice refresher to understanding percentage change, rate per thousands, Mean and medium. As a journalist you need to make sure that all your math information is correct because if it isn’t your actually not being truthful. I know math can be hard at times but if you use different resources you can understand math again. I also liked how the slideshow actually showed at the end how to write number in AP Style. I found that very helpful because I  wasn’t sure exactly how to write out different number in AP Style before.

Source: Newsroom Math

3 thoughts on “Newsroom Math”

  1. I like how you included a link to the slideshow in your response! Very nice, and I also agree, it was refreshing for understanding the math ideas we probably haven’t seen since middle/high school.

  2. I like how you include a link to the slideshow, and don’t just have the URL listed, it makes reading your post better and it looks nice, helps with engaging with the audience. I aggree, as a journalist, you do need to make sure your information is correct. Verify or duck! I never thought of it as being untruthful if you got the wrong information for math, interesting point.

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