Sorry, Wrong Number

In the Sorry, Wrong Number article the one thing that stood out to me is “Journalists deal with numbers every single day, and yet so many of us willingly profess ignorance or fear when faced with simple arithmetic.” I found this really interesting because in class the other day when Dr.Jerz came in screaming math everyone looked terrified. As a communication major we always joke that we can’t do math that’s why we picked communication. It also said in the article that “every story contains a number, be it a statistic, an address, or someone’s age.” I think most people would think an address or someone’s age is different than a math problem so it isn’t as intimidating than an actual math problem.

One key element that I think journalists should use no matter what is the verify or duck. If you are unsure of a math problem or if you did the math correctly ask someone who knows math. Even contact a local school and talk to a math teacher if you have too.

Source: Sorry, Wrong Number

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