Portfolio 4

I always heard that the older you get the quicker time goes. I am truly starting the believe that. It is the end of the semester the stress is in the air at Seton Hill. Finals are beginning and we are wrapping up the final assignments which includes Portfolio 4. I have learned a lot about journalism over the last 16 weeks. We talked about fake news, interviewing, layout and many other things. Now its time to finally analyze my blog for the last Portfolio.

Depth: As for depth I think I didn’t really dig too deep this time because there was a lot of math involved. Sorry Wrong Number, and Math for Journalists were two of my longest posts this time around. Sorry Wrong Number I included what happened in our class with Dr. Jerz screaming MATH and everyone being scared. Math for Journalists I included some of my math background that made me dislike math.

Riskiness: Any topic that is happening in the world today are topics that I find to be risky. The post I wrote about Roy Moore would be one of the risky posts of this portfolio. While this post is an example of fake news I think just because it is about a sexual assault of a young girl and since Moore has been in the news so much over it the riskiness is there.

Discussion: As for discussions I have posted on a few of my classmate’s blog posts. I have also talked outside of class to a few people about the topics we have discussed in class and through the blog posts.

Intertextuality: While I read an article I can sometimes find it easy to connect it to myself. What is good writing is one of the times where I really connected with a piece. “Simple is good. Writing is not something you have to embroider with fancy stitches to make yourself look smart” (William Zinger). This quote really reminds me of myself. I’m a fairly simple person and that reflects on my writing style as well.

Timeliness: As I have stated in Portfolio 1, Portfolio 2, and Portfolio 3 I have finished all my assignments before they were due. This time around I did find myself very stressed and busy with the holiday season and working in retail but I have made sure my assignments were done.

Coverage: We didn’t have that many articles to go over this time around. As for coverage Pearls Before Breakfast was one of my shorter articles because I didn’t really know what all to include. It was a story that I have read previously so I couldn’t include my initial reaction.


I have found these portfolios as a nice reflection of what I have done throughout this News writing class. I like finding new articles to read and thinking about who they could effect me and the world around me. It is hard to believe this is the last portfolio but it was nice to reflect on everything that I have done the last few weeks.


Source: Portfolio 4

Washington Post Fake News

The post from the Washington Post  explains that a lady came to the Washington Post claiming that Roy Moore, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Alabama impregnated her teenage daughter. Turns out that the women works with an organization that uses deceptive tactics to secretly record conversations in an effort to embarrass its target. In the light of all the sexual assaults happening in the world this is awful. I have always thought it was illegal to record someone without their permission. The interview process sounded really interesting. While the interview was going on the reporter stated it was being recorded. Overall Fake News is something that we have to deal with in the world today. Figuring out what is real and what is fake is something we need to figure out. Journalists need to make sure all the research adds up and all the fakes are truthful.