Alexi Swank

swankGraduating Seton Hill in 2013, Alexi Swank is now a high school English teacher at Hedgesville High school, teaching grades nine through 12. Along with regular English classes, she also teaches honors English and a creative writing elective.

“I decided I wanted to be an English teacher at the¬†end of my high school career, I was in a class I absolutely fell in love with, my teacher was fantastic and sparked my love of books and made me sure English was the route I wanted to pursue,” said Swank. “I originally wanted to pursue creative writing, not education. The education was a back up plan, as everybody knows you can’t get published straight out of college.”

“Taking the SHU English program was honestly the best choice I ever made in my life. When I was in high school, my cousin was in college and took a course with Dr. Arnzen, and she highly encouraged Seton Hill. I started meeting faculty members, they were very open, very friendly,” said Swank. “Everything they asked us to do in the courses was very straight forward, very to the point. The faculty was fantastic, the programs were very wide in variety, regarding what we had to study for our particular major. Just getting to see a bunch of English professors doing what they love and sharing what they love convinced me that yes, I am indeed in the right field.”

Even as a teacher, Swank still finds the time to pursue her talent in creative writing. “I self published a poetry book, a result of a class at Seton Hill with Dr.¬†Weirszweski. It’s not available yet, but will be soon!”

Swank’s love for English is apparent in her classroom. “From the beginning of the year, I let the students know I’m a bookworm, and let them know that if they have any books they want to share with me, they are welcome to do that,” said Swank.

Swank encourages open discussions over the novels they read in class. “I’ve had teachers that were analytical, where you can’t share your opinions on the stories. I’ve been more open, and read young adult literature as well. This gives the students the ability to relate with my love of books, and see that English is a really fun thing to do,” said Swank. “You get to read for a living basically, how much better could you ask for a job to be?”