Katie Monsour

A graduate from the Seton Hill class of 2006, Katie Monsour is the supervisor of secondary English education at the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown. She teaches English language learners, does composition one for pre-education students, leads field practicum, and supervises student teachers during their placements.

“During my time at Seton Hill, I had a wonderfully inspirational professor, Dr. Wansor, and I wanted to make him proud, especially after having his linguistics class that he jokingly asked me to help to teach one evening,” said Monsour. “On that particular evening, the topic was gender and semantics. Our small class had a wonderful time collaborating, talking, and listening, and it was in that instant that I knew I wanted to teach English.”

“I cannot say enough about Dr. Wansor’s impact on my future. He truly believes in all of his students, and he encourages them to achieve at heights that sometimes students may think unattainable,” said Monsour. “I have talk to some of his current students about their methods course and envy that they were to learn pedagogical skills from a master teacher!”

After graduating Seton Hill, she continued her school career by earning her masters in the art of teaching English from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. During that time, Monsour also student taught at Horner Center high school and began to teach at WCCC. She then returned to Seton Hill, this time as a teacher, teaching Senior Seminar and later Seminar in Thinking and Writing.

“There are countless lessons I learned from my alma mater. Two keys are networking and collaborating with colleagues,” said Monsour.

After teaching at Seton Hill, Monsour was then hired for her current job teaching English at the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown.

“English is not just a small fraction of my job: it is my job,” said Monsour. “I am always teaching literature, and pedagogy.”

“Seton Hill has quite a strong English department. The work in English classes and the liberal arts core allows one to flex creative muscles. This training enables one to think creatively, spontaneously, and thoroughly, which makes for great future teachers,’ said Monsour. ‘The background knowledge Seton Hill gives students will forever serve them in their careers.”