Olivia Goudy

GoudyAfter graduating Seton Hill University (SHU) in 2014, new media journalism major Olivia Goudy immediately began writing as a reporter for the Herald Standard, a daily newspaper in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

Goudy’s determination and persistence helped her in securing her job. She applied for an internship with the newspaper her junior year, and even though she did not get the internship, she approached them about wanting to do freelance work to get into the business. During her senior year at SHU, she continued communicating with the Herald Standard. She contacted one of the editors about a career in journalism in March, and coincidentally it happened to be the day another reporter had put in his two week’s notice. “Everything fell into place after that,” said Goudy, who was the Editor-in-Chief for the SHU newspaper, the Setonian.

As a general assignment reporter, Goudy covers a variety of topics. “I could write coverage on a commissioner meeting, a winter weather prediction piece, a sentencing hearing for an assault case and a fluff piece on a township update all in one week,” said Goudy. At first, Goudy was intimidated at the thought of covering such a variety of topics. “But once I met new people, learned more about the newsroom and learned to trust my abilities, I found that I loved the challenge and intrigue.”

Besides learning the journalism basics such as AP style, the inverted pyramid, how to write headlines, and building a vocabulary for news articles, Goudy also benefited from her experiences as a journalist for the Setonian. She learned how to handle sources, work with a deadline, and keep a busy schedule.

When she first came to SHU, Goudy was a music major. After one semester, she realized she wanted to learn something new. “I had done music all my life,” said Goudy. “Now, I was in college, and ready to take on a new challenge.” Goudy switched to new media journalism, and ultimately made a career out of it. “The professors, administrators, and SHU atmosphere were conducive to the change in my career path. I’ve learned the value of pursuing what makes you happy and taking on a new challenge,” said Goudy.