Editorial Staff


Chelsi Havko

Chelsi Havko is an English and Environmental Studies double-major at Seton Hill. She loves drinking loose leaf tea while reading sad poetry.


Harrison Stypula (Fiction)

Harrison Stypula is a junior English major with a focus in Creative Writing. He enjoys reading and writing horror fiction, casual gaming, and hanging out with his loud but loveable bird.

Diana Farraj (Poetry)

Diana Farraj is a sophomore Creative Writing Major who crosses the road with her eyes closed and fingers crossed。


Elizabeth Conrad

Elizabeth Conrad is a freshman Art Administration major. She has been involved in the arts since she was a kid; it has stuck with her, becoming one of her passions.

Kathryn Way

Kathryn Way is a sophomore Digital Humanities major with a specialization in Graphic Design. After sustaining multiple concussions and dealing with near-constant migraines, she is more interested in brains than your average zombie flick.




Julia Wingard

Julia is a senior Graphic Design major. She loves 70s/80s rock, shooting film, and designing album covers.


Grace Baroun

Grace Baroun is a junior majoring in Digital Humanities, with a focus on Creative Writing and a minor in Studio Arts. Outside of school, she is a goalie on the Women’s Soccer team and on the board for the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC), where she runs the Make-A-Wish outreach.


Isabel Muñoz

Isabel Muñoz is a Junior Communication major who enjoys sprawling bookcases, late-night teas, and spending time with her ugly yet beloved dog.



Jerod Stull

Jerod Stull is excited to be finally part of the student-run group as a helper for the business side of this. He is a sophomore English major with a minor in music performance, and thrilled to be part of this new chapter in the Eye Contact Magazine.



Rebecca Havko



Michael Arnzen

Dr. Michael Arnzen teaches English and Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University, and has advised Eye Contact from 1999-2009 & 2016-Present. He is an award-winning horror author and teacher. Arnzen is a fan of writing and art that takes creative risks and encourages all students to submit their work to the magazine. “Let the editors decide if it’s worth publishing—that’s not the creator’s job. The creator’s job is to create.”

To contact a member of Eye Contact staff, email eyecontact@setonhill.edu.