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While I’m excited for Winter Break I must admit that I’m little sad that our Newswriting class is coming to end. I avoided taking Newswriting for the longest time. No it wasn’t the “Mean ol’ Dr. Jerz” stuff that I would hear from other people. Okay… that might have been part of it. But the real reason was I was doing freelance work for my local newspaper and I thought I knew everything already. Boy, was I wrong! I learned so much from proper AP style, journalistic integrity and ethics, how to spot fake news, percentages, and how important journalists are to society. This course has encouraged me to get my news from actual print newspapers instead of just CNN. I know a lot of people back home that seem to think newspapers are dead. But the truth is the world will always need journalists. The way people read the news is just evolving.

Portfolio 4 was difficult for me to finish on time since I found myself slammed with work from my other courses. I’m disappointed to say that I ended up neglecting my blogs yet again. However, I did finish all of them! It just may not have been in a timely manner. I should note however that I enjoyed the math units and the real journalism stories more so than responded to chapters in our assigned reading. The McCrummen interview is one that I won’t forget and will share with others.


I enjoyed delving into The Washington Post article. The article covered so many issues that we discussed throughout the semester like verifying sources, fake news, and undercover reporting. I was even able to relate McCrummen’s actions to a class I took last semester.

I also enjoyed discussing the math journalists used while on the job and relating it to my own journalism experiences.


I opened more about myself in my blogs. I avoided telling people I was a freelance journalist at the start of class because I didn’t want people to be under the impression that I thought I knew more than them. I still have a lot to learn! Now I realize that being a freelance journalist is something to be proud of, and I also find it to be pretty cool.

I also took a risk by venting about my feelings towards fake news outlets. It made me so mad when The Washington Post reporter approached O’Keefe and he acted so smug. He claims to be fighting fake news but he’s doing it by creating fake news. It difficult to believe that he can get away with it and a reporter like McCrummen would have lost her job if she didn’t verify Jamie Kennedy’s story.


Discussion was the main issue for me for this portfolio. It could have easily been avoided by keeping up with the blogs. Even though it might not be in my blog, I did enjoy discussing the readings with my friends Pat and Chris before class.


Intertextuality was my favorite part of Portfolio 4. I noticed that McCrummen demonstrates active listening skills during her interview with Jamie Kennedy to try and get her to tell the truth. I practiced using active listening skills in a Intro to Counseling class I took last semester. Active listening creates a safe environment for the person your talking to and can help them be more open about their feelings. I’m wondering if McCrummen took a psych class in college or just picked it up on the job. Either way I think it would be a great skill for journalists to learn and will help them with conducting interviews

Math seemed to be the dominant part of my Portfolio 4. I mention in several posts that I haven’t taken a math class in five years. I found it refreshing to pick up again and also important to what we were discussing in class. I’m one of those weird people that prefers doing a math problem or taking test compared to writing a paper for a project. Since I’m an English major all I do is write papers and work on projects! So it was refreshing to do something different. I mentioned my freelance job in my one math post and how I am constantly using math when covering sporting events.


Timeliness was my main issue for this portfolio. Although I completed my blogs I had a difficulty submitting them on time. I also had to use a late pass on my portfolio since I got swamped with work. However, I think the late pass only worked up until 12:40pm so my Sorry, Wrong Number, Math for Journalists, and Pearls Before Breakfast were completed on time. Although I did enjoy the responses for this portfolio, I feel guilty for not completing them on time. I feel like a missed out of some good discussions, especially for the The Washington Post article.


I was able to complete all the blog post for Portfolio 4. The limited number of blogs definitely helped because it allowed me to focus on the posts more instead of doing just to be finished. Although I did all my blogs in just two days I did my best to put care and thought into all of them. I didn’t want just write a couple sentences to summarize the article. I feel that I provided good coverage for I need to for Sorry, Wrong Number and Math for Journalists articles.

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