Sorry, Wrong Number

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’m not very good at math. Frankly, I’m bad at it. Math is something that I always wish I was good at, but it never quite clicked. Luckily I got my math credits before I came to Seton Hill so I never had to take a math class. In fact, I haven’t taken a math class in over five years. However, math is crucial to being a journalist so it bears reviewing.

The article mentions how math is important for the articles you don’t think about like politics or science. It doesn’t mention sports reporting, but I guess that just obvious. When I do freelance work and cover football and softball games math is crucial even if there is a scoreboard. There’s a lot of numbers you still have to account for that the scoreboard doesn’t tell you. In football it’s rushing yards, pashing yards, sacks, tackles, punts, and kicks. In softball there’s keeping track of who’s on base, RBIs, and pitches. You even need to keep track of the types of hits like singles, doubles, triples, and the occasional homerun. Keeping track of all these numbers was overwhelming for me at first but over time you adjust.

Source: Sorry, Wrong Number

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