New drinking game- take a shot every time ‘Guido’s’ name is spoken throughout the production of Nine. I can guarantee you that you’ll be ‘drunk as a skunk’ by intermission, stumbling your way to the bathroom and concessions stand.

In all seriousness however people often label the character of Guido as a selfish jerk, leading women of all kinds on, blatantly ignoring both his friends and his marriage vows. While I will admit that Guido has his selfish moments, and is most certainly wrong on all accounts when it comes to his treatment of women, I refuse to believe that he is a selfish person.

As an audience member we must remove ourselves from the comfortable seat we hold in the theater and throw ourselves fully into the rocky terrain that is Guido’s life to fully understand this, but once we get past that it is quite easily done. Guido Contini is an artist, and as such he must pour all of his being into his work (at least theoretically), this includes revealing the difficult parts of his life such as the troubles with his marriage. While many of his decisions may seem selfish, pertaining only to his personal benefits, we must remember that as the provider for his family it is important for him to make extremely difficult decisions. While he may seem self indulgent, we must realize that he is more so struggling with his inner demons than he is stroking his own ego.

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