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Wednesday, 05 Sep 2018


NM: The Past (3 of 4)

From “How did American newspapers, largely identified with political parties…” to “What is a Pulitzer Prize?”


NM: The Past (4 of 4)

From “Is it unethical for journalists to be or become friends…” to “Has Fox News ushered in…”

Friday, 07 Sep 2018


Portfolio 1

This assignment asks you to review your contributions to the course so far, to evaluate your participation in several categories, and to write a synthesis paper that attempts to make something new and significant from the results of your analysis.

This synthesis paper is a personal reflection on your work, so I do expect you to refer to yourself and your accomplishments; however, I am also asking you to demonstrate your ability to back up your claims with evidence.

Your Discussion Portfolio

I am asking for an introduction that presents the main idea that your portfolio will support, a brief section that responds to each of the required categories, and a conclusion that connects what you have just written about to your progress meeting the course goals (check the syllabus).

Although I am going to read your introduction first, you should probably write it last — after you have completed the sections on the required categories of participation. Read More »

Wednesday, 19 Sep 2018


NM: The Present (1 of 4)

Read from the start of “The Present” to the end of “Are Newspaper Dead” (60-78 in my edition)



NM: The Present (2 of 4)

Read from “What’s happened to news on television?” to the end of “What’s happened to news on radio?” (pages 78-90 in my edition)


Point of View

During class today, comment on this evolving meme. Demonstrate your ability to make a connection to something you have learned recently from your textbook about journalism.

If you have already seen some form of this meme, rather than repeat what you thought about it when you first saw it, do your best to make a connection to something you have learned recently.

Point of View: 6 or 9

Wednesday, 26 Sep 2018


NM: The Present (3 of 4)

Read from “Why doesn’t public broadcasting…” to the end of “Who decides what is news today?” (90-100)


NM: The Present (4 of 4)

Finish the section.


Details Matter

What matters when it comes to reporting the news is not generalities, transitions, a personal relationships between the writer and reader, or wordplay that shows off the writer’s technical skill. What matters is specific details. Details drive the news.