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I just want to point out first that in Silverman’s article, the second paragraph has an error that needs correcting. Saying “now now all online” is an honest mistake. There was also a correction placed at the bottom of the article. I just found it ironic how a correction needs to be made to an article about corrections.

Silverman makes good points about correcting mistakes. His list reads “Match corrections to distribution channels. Be clear, consistent. Reach out to people who resider, retweeted. Activate the network effect. Remember: an act of promotion. Works best when full hearted.”

His guidelines are great to follow when making corrections to articles and coverage of stories. The journalist not only has to correct their mistake, but has to follow through in order to ensure that those who have read the story previously will be updated with the correct information.

I especially like the “Works best when full hearted” note. I think it really matters when journalists are sincere about wanting to get the most accurate information out. So being sincere and¬†apologizing when something is wrong is essential when making corrections in journalism.

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  • Specifying your own personal connection with the article shows that you truly understood the content. I appreciate your explanation of why you liked the “Works best when full hearted,” because the juxtaposition makes both you and journalists seem sincere.

    • Thanks Ricki! I definitely think it’s best to be sincere when correcting mistakes and just writing articles in general. It’s better to want to inform the public when you truly do want to because you care.

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